From a bottle…to a lamp

From a bottle…to a lamp

This is a really neat transformation that I did for my friend, Leigh.  She had asked me to turn this tequila bottle into a lamp for a man cave, and I just had to try it.  I had previously seen the bottle/light kits at Hobby Lobby, and wanted to make one for myself using a wine bottle.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to doing this, so this was a perfect opportunity to experiment.  I gathered my supplies and got started.

Since it was going in a man cave, we wanted something masculine, and since the bottle was brown it was pretty easy to go with earth tones.  I started by filling the bottle up with some decor sand that I picked up at Joanne’s.  That was the easy part:) The lampshade I picked up at Hobby Lobby, actually in the same section as the lamp kit/bottle adapter.  It is helpful because it comes pre-sticky.  Very nice for this kind of project.  Also, for anyone else out there wanting to do something with one of these, the waxed paper that covers the sticky part is also a pattern if you want to attach fabric to it.

This was the most time-consuming part, but technically wasn’t hard at all.  I think it took me about 20 minutes to wind around the lampshade.

I then put the light kit together.  This wasn’t hard at all, especially since there were detailed instructions on the inside.  The kit also comes with three different sizes of rubber grommets that fit in the inside of the bottle lip.  For this project I used the biggest one, and put all the parts together.

After talking with Leigh, we decided it would be fun to put something on the shade that coordinated with the bottle.  The numbers 1942 were very prominent, so we thought that would be fun.  I stenciled the same numbers on the lampshade and liked how it turned out, so I decided not to fill them in.   I guess if we change our minds we can always fill them in. 

Isn’t it fun that the stenciled numbers are similar to the numbers on the bottle? I swear I didn’t plan that:)

And here is the finished product.  What do you guys think?  Should we fill them in?

And one more with the light on!


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  1. Sarah,

    You are just way way way too creative. This is amazing. Is it because of the lights being on that the 1942 is not visible? Maybe filling in or making the lines forming the 1942 a bit thicker.

    It is always fun reading how you put it all together.

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