Some Halloween fun…a bit late


I know I haven’t posted anything on here recently, and that is because I have been busy.  I started a light fixture revamping project two weeks ago and finally got it finished…only to find out it didn’t work when we hooked it up to the electric.  I am disappointed, to say the least, but as always, I have a back-up plan for it. Or I might have my dad work on it.  He is very good with all things electrical.  Anyway, let’s just say the poor thing has options:)  Because of this, I am just now posting the items I made for Halloween, but I am pretty happy with how they turned out at least.

I had gotten two mini mice (the computer kind, not the animal kind), and they came in these plastic tubes with crinkly, orange paper. As I was going to throw them away I got to thinking these were like a Halloween kind of orange, and an idea was formed.  I had the spooky leaves left over from an earlier project, but I did have to buy the ribbon.  Who could believe I wouldn’t have any black ribbon? I know, crazy!

Here are the supplies.  I glued the ribbon after twisting it around the tubes several times. While that was drying I also made the bow out of the same ribbon and glued it in the middle.

I then placed the spooky leaves in the top and glued the scrapbook embellishment in place.  I then called it good.  I think they turned out cute and the cost was minimal.  I did have to buy the black ribbon, but I know it will come in handy for other projects.  Currently they are sitting on a shelf in front of my living room mirror…still.  Have to get my Halloween decorations down!

This next project was actually for a work function.  It was a pumpkin decorating competition, and we got paid to do it.  Who doesn’t like that?  Anyway, I had been seeing pumpkin decorating ideas all over blog land, but one had really struck my eye.  It was at Between Naps on the Porch.  I figured since I had been wanting to do one for my table anyway, I might as well do one for the party.  All I did was take two pieces of ribbon, center the pumpkin in them, brought up the sides, and secured them around the stem.  I also cut leaves out of black construction paper and used a silver marker for the veins.  I used the same paper embellishment as in the project above.  I think she turned out super cute!

Alas, a mummified pumpkin won the contest, but I had a lot of fun doing this, and it worked out well since I got to take it home.  She is sitting on my table, and looking pretty.  I think I will take off the Halloween embellishments and use it for a Thanksgiving decoration.

Thanks for looking.


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