A Vintage Step Stool Turned into an Ottoman

A Vintage Step Stool Turned into an Ottoman

This little step stool has special meaning to me because, as a small child, I remember standing on it to brush my teeth.  My mom and dad have had it for as long as I can remember, so the opportunity to be able to repurpose it, and make it pretty again, was too much for me to pass up.  In recent years, it had been stored in the garage, where it had come across bugs, water, and cobwebs. Needless to say, it was pretty nasty.  I will show the before pictures just to get them over with.  I cannot believe the transformation…Step stool Before

This is what the poor thing looked like when I got it.  Paint was peeling, and it had a weird leather piece that was held down by some vintage nail heads. Rustoleum ORB step stool

I took her outside, sanded off the loose paint, wiped her down to remove the dust and cobwebs, and spray painted the surface with Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB).  I decided to leave the weird leather piece on since it had been attached for as long as I have remembered.  I also did not sand off all the paint because I liked the look of the chippy paint.

As that was drying, I went inside and started to work on the cushion part of the step stool.  I had bought some foam at Joanne’s using the 40% off coupon (can’t beat those), buttons, and a drop cloth from Walmart.  I cut the foam to the dimensions of the top and cut the drop cloth big enough to drop over the sides of the foam.  I also ironed it, but you cannot tell from the next picture:)  Next, I took a kabob skewer and poked four holes into the foam, right through the drop cloth. Then came the hard part…I had to get the string for the buttons through three inches of foam so I could cinch them tight and hold them in place.  I finally resorted to taping the string on the skewer, and jabbing that through the holes so I could tie knots in the end.  Worked like a charm.Drop cloth cushion for step stool

I then stapled the top onto the stool with my handy, electric staple gun that I got one Christmas from people who love me.  I just created simple, folded corners so I did not have to use any piping.Step stool transformation

I decided she was missing something when I got to this stage.  After a while, it came to me that she really needed a skirt, something to hide those legs of hers.  I created a pleated skirt and stapled that to each sides of the stool.  The next problem is that you could definitely see the seam between each parts, so I hot glued some ribbon all the way around to hide the problem area.  I love how she turned out.Step stool with drop cloth pleats

And just one more picture to emphasize the difference between the before and after.  I cannot believe she is the same thing. Before and After of Vintage Step Stool


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